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Torah, the Word

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TorahJudaism is a set of religious beliefs and practices that originated from the Hebrew Bible. The first five books of the Bible are known collectively as the Torah – the five books of Moses.

The entire foundation of legal and ethical religious texts of classical Judaism is built upon these five holy books. In Judaism, it is believed that there are seventy layers of meaning encrypted within them.

Uri Harel, a Harvard University trained teacher of the language of ancient Hebrew, believes that one of the seventy layers of meaning is music. So, in 1977, this Biblical scholar began to explore and dissect the language. He wanted to find a formula that would unlock the musical patterns he believes are encrypted in these original Hebrew texts.

After dedicating years of research to tapping on a musical keyboard, Harel was able to assign a specific frequency to each of the letters in the Hebrew alphabet using a scheme that is grounded in the science of Gematria. When he assigned these frequencies to each of the letters that make up the words in the books of the Hebrew Bible, he discovered beautiful classically-arranged compositions.

With the help of a well-known composer, violinist and guitarist, Harel has recorded the beautiful music he has found to exist in the books of this holy bible. But, what he has found most interesting is that, when the books are translated from Hebrew into any other language, the information, knowledge and understanding of these texts is diminished to such an extent that it becomes impossible to duplicate the musical effect.[i]

We have opened the way for a new kind of Bible translation, not into yet another spoken language, but into the Universal Language of Music. Uri Harel

There exists an ancient set of interpretations, called Bamidbar Rabbah, which is holy to Judaism. Also known as Numbers Rabbah, it is a study that comprises a collection of ancient interpretations of the biblical Book of Numbers, which is part of the Torah. These interpretations state that, when the Universe was created, the frequencies of the Hebrew alphabet were used to bring it into existence.

The one who brought his offering on the First day was of the tribe of Judah. Numbers 7:12

All of Creation reflects the Divine order that, in turn, is represented by the ancient Hebrew alphabet. It forms the sacred geometry that was used as the blueprint.  In fact, the Judeo-Christian scriptures are a scientific treatise on universal nuclear physics, which were written in a universal metaphysical language that discloses, in minute detail, the precise formula for the attainment of Christ Consciousness.[ii]

I consider your Heavens the work of your Fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place. Psalms 8:3



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