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End of Time, the Power of Now

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When we measure a solid geometric shape, its height, length and width determine its Spatial dimensions. So everything in the physical third dimension can be described mathematically using three numbers. But, there is also a fourth dimension – Time.

Power of Now

In 1905, Albert Einstein published two scientific papers that involve the dynamics of moving bodies and the nature of Space and Time.

This formed the basis of his special Theory of Relativity, which is what led to his famous equation E = mc2.

Einstein’s theory states that ‘the way an object appears is relative to its observer‘. So, if you are sitting in a parked car and another motorist drives by you at 40 km per hour, the speed at which their car will appear to be moving is 40 km per hour. But, if you are driving your car at 40 km per hour alongside them, the speed at which their car will appear to be moving is zero km per hour. This, then, describes the dimension of Time.

We speak of God’s secret wisdom, a wisdom that has been hidden and that God destined for our glory before Time began. Corinthians 2:6-8

The Earth has a vibrational frequency that is known as the Schumann Resonance. This frequency has held steady at around 7.83 Hz since at least the turn of the last century when it was first measured. The military based its global communications on this frequency because it was considered to be constant.

But this vibrational frequency has actually been increasing since 1987, the year of a succession of planetary alignments called the Harmonic Convergence. The word harmonic is defined as ‘a signal whose frequency is an integral multiple of the frequency of a reference signal.’ The word convergence means ‘the approach to a fixed state’.

By the dawn of this new millennium, the frequency of the Earth had risen to around 9 Hz.[i] As this frequency has been speeding up, so has our concept of Time.  The National Institute of Standards and Technology, which assists the entire world in maintaining a uniform system of Time, has been making unexpected adjustments to their atomic clocks to compensate for this sudden change in Time. But these clocks won’t work much longer because they will need too much adjustment for what is just ahead for planet Earth.

By the beginning of 2011, the Schumann Resonance had moved beyond 11 Hz. And, as it moves into the higher vibrational frequencies, our own frequencies must also increase. This is the principle of resonance.  As our vibrational frequency speeds up, so will our concept of Time.  There will be more events taking place in less time.

The parameter of Time is an indication of measure.  As per the Theory of Relativity, Time is perceived to pass more slowly when you move faster.  But, like height, width and depth, which define the perception of 3D, it is only a perception.  You are not moving through Time and Space.  Time and Space move through YOU in this moment.

Time… isn’t something that has an objective existence “out there.”  It is a mind-structure needed for sensory perception.  Eckhart Tolle

It was the 12-12-12 energy that pushed us through the 2012 portal on December 21st.  Now everything is different. The other side is more like Home than the old Earth was because, when we think of something, it begins to manifest right in front of us.

On Earth, we have been dealing with a Time lag because nothing in this illusion is instantaneous. But now we find no Time lag. So our experience of Time has shifted.[ii]  The ‘present’ moves at the Speed of Thought, into a ‘past’ that is simply a collection of electro-magnetic imprints, which you call memories.

We no longer need the measurement of Time. More and more events take place in less and less time.  It is the end of Time as we have known it.  And now we see that everything is happening all at one Time – in this moment.

Separation from God is impossible, only an experience of separation is possible – in the illusion of Time.

Know that this universe is nothing but a dream bluff of nature to test your consciousness of immortality.
Paramahansa Yogananda



[i] Awakening to Zero Point, Gregg Braden, Sacred Spaces Ancient Wisdom, 1997
[ii] Steve Rother in a channeling of The Group



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