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Ring of Fire

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In 1942, a wealthy couple, named William and Libbie Moody, founded a charity that focused on education and community development.  Today, their Moody Foundation is one of the largest charitable organizations in the United States.

One of the projects that is funded by the Moody Foundation is Moody Gardens, a fascinating educational facility that is located on Galveston Island, Texas, on the Gulf of Mexico. Moody Gardens is a set of three gigantic structures – a science center, an indoor biological rainforest that features a geological cave of massive quartz Crystals, and one of the largest aquariums in the entire world.

It is interesting to note that each of these three buildings was constructed in the shape of a pyramid, the most powerful of which is the 12-storey Aquarium Pyramid.  But what is most interesting is that this Tri-Pyramid Complex was built on 29.6 degrees of latitude, which is the exact same latitude as the Tri-Pyramid Complex of Giza, in Egypt.

Pyramid Complex at Galveston Island, Texas

The Giza and Galveston pyramids were both constructed on the same degree of latitude because they were designed to be the simultaneous receivers of the final downloads of Light codes for the ascension of the Earth, which took place in 2012.  They were the transmitters that disseminated these musical codes to the Golden Sun Discs, to the new Earth grid and to two dozen other pyramids around the world.  This was the Cosmic Trigger.

There are three very powerful eclipses that occurred during the spring of 2012.  On May 20, a solar eclipse, called the Ring of Fire, provided for the first of the two final downloads of codes.  These three eclipses culminated with a very powerful Summer Solstice.  In fact, every astronomical alignment, eclipse, solstice, equinox and lunar phase that occurred between those two downloads of codes was extremely powerful. And their energies are being amplified exponentially by intense solar flares that are coming in to the Earth from the Sun.

The Moody family was a family of highly evolved souls.  They built the Galveston Pyramids in such a way as to alter gravity and dimensional Time.  Pyramids are natural  gateways that connect the etheric dimensions.  They contain dimensional doors that can only be opened when certain musical tones are ‘played.’  As such, both the Giza and Galveston pyramidal complexes are sound activated.  Giza is aligned to Orion, the star system; Galveston is aligned to the Sirius star system.

In 2008,  the 110 mph winds of Hurricane Ike devastated the coast along the Gulf of Mexico.  The winds totally destroyed an airplane hanger in an aerospace museum, along with most of its planes.  But, although the 12-storey Aquarium Pyramid was built directly behind it, on the same beach, it was left almost completely intact for this very important mission.  Even the palm trees were left standing.

Aerospace Hanger Destroyed by Hurricane Ike, 2008

The Galveston Complex is not the first Tri-Pyramid Complex to be built on 29.6 degrees of latitude. An Atlantean Tri-Pyramid Complex still stands, submerged in the waters, only five miles away from it.  Before the destruction of Atlantis, the areas of the continental shelf in the Gulf Coast were on dry soil. A land bridge connected the Atlantean Isle of Poseida to the Yucatan Peninsula and to parts of what is now the state of Texas.

In those days, the Atlantic was navigable; and there was an island situated in front of the straits, which are, by you, called the Pillars of Heracles.  The island was larger than Libya and Asia put together, and was the way to other islands.  Plato



Inspired by a channeling of ArchAngel Metatron by James Tyberonn



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