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Atlantis & the Emerald City

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Bimin RoadAround 360 BC, Plato the Pythagorean wrote a famous dialogue, called Timaeus, in which there are details of the nature of mankind and the physical world.  It was followed by Critias, a dialogue about a mighty kingdom called Atlantis.

In the second dialogue, it is written that a relative of Plato, named Solon, was told the story of the great kingdom of Atlantis by an Egyptian priest.[i]

Yonder is a real Ocean, and the land surrounding it may most rightly be called, in the fullest and truest sense, a Continent.  Plato

In 1968, Dr. J. Manson Valentine, an Archaeologist and Honorary Curator of the Museum of Science in Miami, Florida, encountered a stone pavement off the northwest coast of North Bimini Island in the Atlantic Ocean.  This ancient pavement was found to be at least 6,000 years old.  Made of large flat blocks of limestone, it was named the Bimini Road.[ii]

Twenty-five years later, Dr. Arysio Nunes dos Santos, Ph.D, became a Professor of Nuclear Physics at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, in Brazil.  He had dedicated his career to the study of the lost continent of Atlantis and to the civilization that was written about in Plato’s dialogues.

While working as a geologist and climatologist, Professor Santos was able to make substantial contributions to Ice Age Theory, particularly in what concerns Catastrophism and the reality of the Great Flood.  He was the first to ever link the catastrophic events of the end of the last Ice Age with the world-wide traditions of the Great Flood and the destruction of Atlantis.[iii]

Vue de Metz et descente de croix, Monsù Desiderio, c. 1620

The Atlantean continent existed for over two-hundred thousand years.  And more than two-thirds of Earth’s current population experienced life there at one time or another.

Although a great cataclysm destroyed a large portion of the continent about 60,000 years ago, the highest frequency the Earth has ever held was attained there between 40,000 and 18,000 BC – during its Golden age.

For 16,000 years, the continent of Atlantis was governed by a high priest who became known to the ancient Mayans as the Feathered Serpent because of his actions in Eden.  This priest was not a serpent, rather, he was like a winged angel that has emerged from the coiled, serpentine energy of the kundalini.  He was a Spirit that had been transfigured from a physical body.

Now in this island of Atlantis there existed a confederation of Kings, of great and marvelous power.  Plato

During its final days, the continent of Atlantis consisted of three major islands – Poseida, Aryan and Og.  The island of Aryan was the largest and most populous.  As the commercial center, it yielded the most influence from an economic, agricultural and military perspective.  It had control of the island of Og, which was originally a Lemurian colony and is now part of South America.

The Atlantean civilization was technologically superior to our own.  The Atlanteans had perfected the ability to grow Crystals underground, which they programmed telepathically.  They were also used to store information, such as the calendars that are now attributed to the Mayans.  These infamous calendars actually predate the Mayans by more than 18,000 years.  It was the Atlanteans who developed them.

The Atlanteans placed Crystals all over the continent.  The energies from these Crystals were drawn and amplified through pyramids to create energy fields for various utilities.  A great Crystalline satellite floated in the skies to receive, amplify, refine, and then reflect energy back to the Crystals.  It was thought of as the second moon of Atlantis.

The island of Poseida was the capital of Atlantis.  It housed most of the Atlantean schools of higher wisdom, and was home to the Temple of One, the Temple of Healing and the Temple of Knowledge.  Its city was constructed of a series of walls and was encircled by flowing canals.  It was an exquisite marvel of architecture, culture and engineering.

The island of Poseida was the headquarters for the Crystalline power grid.  So the most beautiful of the Crystals were located there.  These Crystals were connected under a dome that could be angled to receive stellar, solar and gravitational energy waves.  Because of this dome, the Isle of Poseida exuded an exquisite emerald green color.

Known as the Emerald City, Poseida was the most beautiful metropolis ever to exist on the Earth.[iv]



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