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Agharta, the Inner Earth

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In 1920, Marshall B. Gardner wrote a 450 page book, titled A Journey To The Earth’s Interior, to present his findings that the Earth is hollow. He gathered his data from both Arctic expeditions and Astronomy. But what is most interesting is that, seven years earlier, he had been awarded a United States patent for a working model of the hollow Earth.

The patent states that, billions of years ago, when the Earth was still a mass of expanded gases, it gradually began to contract as it cooled. When a compromise was reached with centrifugal force, the force of gravity reduced the size of the mass until it was 8,000 miles in diameter at the Equator.

Now the earth was formless and empty. Genesis 1:2

Because the centrifugal force was considerably weaker in the Polar regions, gravity was able to further reduce those regions, but only until the mass finished cooling. As a result, the Earth did not solidify itself in the shape of a perfect sphere, but more so in the shape of a torus, with 1,400 mile wide openings at the North and South poles.[i]

What God has created, at the atomic level, the human level, the planetary level, and so on, is a common shape that resembles a doughnut when it is in its static form. In its dynamic form, this torus resembles a tornado, a hurricane, or a whirlpool.

The Torus is the simplest structure of a self-organizing system. Duane Elgin

Over time, a tall race of spiritual beings settled into deep hollow cracks in the surface of the Earth. There, in the Inner Earth, they formed a vast tunnel system that is now spread throughout the Planet.

These Agharthians are now sustained by a Crystalline magnetic force and a Light source that is emitted from the planetary core. The mental capacity of the Agharthians has allowed them to harness these force fields and adapt them to their physical and spiritual needs. Their mental capacity has adapted to emit an internal Light.[ii]

We’re traveling in this boundless sea of infinite Torus flow. Nassim Haramein

The openings to Inner Earth cannot be seen because they are covered by a very thick layer of cloud. This cloud cover is in continual formation because the warm air that rises from the inside of the openings is continually merging with the cold exterior Polar air.

Pilots don’t fly over the poles because their instruments malfunction when they get to the lift. But, what really happens is that the magnetic pole of the Inner Earth actually pulls their craft into the Polar opening by its magnetic wave energies. This is what creates the Aurora Borealis at the North Pole and the Aurora Australis at the South Pole.



[i] A Journey To The Earth’s Interior, Marshall B. Gardner, Forgotten Books, 2007
[ii] James Tyberonn in a channeling of Archangel Metatron



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