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Me and SlipperVicky Anderson is a Spiritual Teacher, Author and Speaker.  She has been a contributor for Quantum Monthly magazine and a guest speaker on Star Clear Radio.

Vicky has written three books in the spiritual genre.  Her reason for writing is to promote awareness of the true nature of God – one of wisdom and love.

Her first book is The Awakening.  This is the story of her own personal journey to spiritual mastery.  Her second book is The Expansion – a philosophy of consciousness, creation and rebirth.

As a young adult, Vicky was influenced by the Christian religion.  In later life, she experienced a massive spiritual awakening when she was introduced to Eastern philosophies.  Her latest book, The New Paradigm, contains ancient concepts for modern Christians.

Vicky’s personal struggle has been to find balance while going through the process of ascending to a higher vibration.  Her journey has been both suspenseful and enlightening.  It has brought her here, where she now carries a message for everyone.



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