Chiron & the Sixties

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In February of 2012, the planet Neptune completed its orbit around the Sun and moved back into its ruling zodiacal sign of Pisces.  In Greek mythology, Neptune is represented by Poseidon, the Olympian god of the Sea. He is associated with mysticism and creativity, such as the arts and music.  He is also the ruler of spiritual enLightenment. He is Unconditional Love, the higher octave of Self Love.

Neptune says, “I love you because it’s my nature to love.”
Carl Woebcke

But there is a much smaller planet, called Chiron, that has also now entered the sign of Pisces.

In Greek mythology, the planet Chiron is represented by a centaur who sustained a battle wound to the knee, which never healed.  He suffered endlessly from it. And his constant suffering drove him to search frantically for some form of relief.

That search brought to him an expanded awareness of the art of healing.  He became a healer, teacher and prophet, a status that earned him the name the ‘Wounded Healer.’  But, because of his incurable wound, Chiron eventually chose to relinquish his immortality and die. One of the Olympian gods then gave him a place among the stars as the constellation Sagittarius.

If we are careful not to get lost in the glamour that makes up the realm of Pisces and Neptune, there is tremendous potential, during the Chiron trip through Pisces, for a growing spiritual awareness and an integration of Universal consciousness into our own beings. Lynn Hayes

Chiron will remain in Pisces until the year 2019.  During that time, they share a lot in common. Pisces is represented by two fish that are swimming in opposite directions. Chiron, the centaur, is half man and half beast. So both are a symbol of duality.

Chiron symbolizes our pain, alienation and woundedness.  So, in one form or another,  he is connected with our suffering.  Pisces is the sign of empathy, sensitivity and compassion. The Pisces part of us feels the pain of Chiron to such an extent that we may feel compelled to alleviate someone else’s distress so we won’t feel the pain of witnessing it ourselves. Mother Teresa is perhaps the most well known example of this kind of devotion.  In her astrological chart, it is shown that she was born with Chiron in Pisces opposite her Sun.[i]

I have found the paradox that, if you Love until it Hurts, there can be no more Hurt, only more Love. Mother Teresa

The last time Chiron was in the sign of Pisces was during the period from 1961 to 1969. This was a period of duality that will never be forgotten by those who lived through it. During that time, the World witnessed many surprising and radical events amidst the backdrop of the Vietnam War. The highlight of this period was the sudden appearance of the hippie counter-culture, whose desire was to break away from the ruling political establishment and establish peace.

As the 60s progressed, young people all over Europe and North America began to unite in peace and love, and in the celebration of the dawning of this age of Aquarius. This led to an era of gurus and yogis, meditations and various other spiritual practices as masses of people began to search for the vibrations of spiritual awareness and enLightenment.  It is what birthed the term good vibrations, which became prevalent during that era.

In 1969, at the end of Chiron’s passage through the sign of Pisces, the Hindu Swami Bhaktivedanta arrived as a house guest at the estate of singer/songwriter, John Lennon, where he began to give teachings. This Swami later became known to the world as Srila Prabhupada.  He was the founder of the Hare Krishna movement.

Everybody is looking for Krishna. Some don’t realize that they are, but they are. George Harrison

So it was Chiron in Pisces who spiritually influenced the 60s. His effects were felt in the art and music movements, in the use of psychedelic drugs for the purpose of inner investigation and contemplation, and in the quest for spirituality.  Ironically, astronomers didn’t even discover Chiron until 1977.  And, unfortunately, Chiron left before the job was done.

Whatever else may have been going on astrologically, Chiron in Pisces was witness to, and is a sigil of, one of the most extraordinary periods of history remembered by a living person today.  Eric Francis

Woodstock Festival, New York, 1969

Depending on its orbit, it takes approximately 51 years for Chiron to travel through every sign of the astrological zodiac.  This means that people who were born in the duality of the 60s will experience a Chiron Return,  which could be a time of great reckoning for them.  It will set the course for the rest of their lives.

As their Chiron Return approaches, they will have experienced his passage through every one of their astrological houses and signs.  So Chiron has been a source of much wisdom for them.  To the ancient Maya, when a person turned 52 years of age, they became an elder in their tribe.

When Chiron is in Pisces… forms disintegrate, the past is dissolved and our separateness is relinquished.
Melanie Reinhart

But the current passage of Chiron through Pisces is much more significant than the passage that occurred during the 60s because Neptune, the ruler of Unconditional Love, is also traveling through Pisces – for the first time since Abraham Lincoln was elected US President in 1861.  Neptune will remain in Pisces for more than a decade.

There are two sides to Chiron – the wounding and the healing.  So what happens as Chiron returns this time could provide for an evolutionary leap for all of mankind.

If you were born in the Sixties, you carry the codes, and there is a job left to be completed.  Eric Francis


[i] Wendy Guy


5 Responses to “Chiron & the Sixties”

  1. 1 Pragathi Priyadev February 3, 2012 at 9:19 am

    this is a wonderful article.
    i was checking the chart as per vedic astrology
    chiron is called ketu in vedic astrology
    its presently in house of taurus

  2. 2 Margaret February 7, 2012 at 9:02 pm

    Thank you! Enjoyed it very much – and yes, I think it’s really going to be interesting. The new ones born into this time are really going to need support with their sensitivities and abilities. Having said that, there are many born through the last Chiron cycle who are well viersed in the ways of vibration, energy, the material and the spiritual. I think we’ll make it through quite well. We truly are learning.

  3. 3 Davidbri December 16, 2012 at 3:21 am

    Hello All,…

    The Past Is Over.

    This is a NEW day,…one that we have never lived before. We stay in the NOW and enjoy each and every moment.

    I was reborn in the 60’s ;`).


  4. 4 Anonymous May 8, 2015 at 8:18 am

    I believe you are mistaken when you say Chiron is represented by Ketu in vedic astrology. Ketu is the south node of the moon which is always directly opposite of Rahu, the north node of the moon. Normally vedic only uses 5 most inner planets as well as the moon. Also Chiron was discovered long after the vedas were written. Im curious as to where you got your information.

  1. 1 Chiron Returns « Van5D's Blog Trackback on April 17, 2012 at 7:45 pm

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