The World Awakens

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All of the planets in our solar system revolve around the Sun in an easterly direction. This orbit is referred to as a direct motion.  But when the Earth overtakes one of the slower moving planets as it passes by, the other planet appears to stop its eastward movement, and then drift backward.  This illusion is referred to as a retrograde motion.

On April 9 of 2011, Pluto, the most powerful planet in the solar system, moved into a retrograde motion.  When a planet turns retrograde, its power is suddenly focused internally, toward our psyche. When its motion turns direct again, it suddenly focuses its power externally – toward our outer circumstances.  Pluto influences everything that relates to financial power and big business.  The Greek word plutocracy means ‘power by wealth.’

On September 16, Pluto turned direct again.  Within hours, a study was published by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, in Zurich, Switzerland where complex systems theorists had been analyzing the relationships between 37 million companies and investors worldwide.  They analyzed all 43,060 trans-national corporations and the share ownerships that link them around the world.  The results of their study reveal that a very small group of just 147 companies possesses a disproportionate amount of power over the entire world economy.

On September 17, about 2000 people marched up Broadway Street, in New York City, to spread public awareness about the corporate greed that is taking place on Wall Street.  In an effort to occupy Wall Street, a few dozen of those people then stopped in a park where they established an encampment. It’s now their permanent residence.

There has come about an extraordinary and very sinister concentration in the control of business… A comparatively small number of men control the larger credits of the country. President Woodrow Wilson

The Occupy Wall Street movement is a grassroots response to widespread atrocities that are being perpetuated by corporate greed. The actions of these few dozen protesters have kicked off a massive demonstration to increase the public’s awareness of  corrupt global political and financial systems, and the power that has been given to Wall Street.

The one thing these demonstrators have in common with the rest of the world is that we all represent the 99 percent of the population that does not support the greed and corruption of the remaining 1 percent.

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s Greed. Mahatma Gandhi

Occupiers of differing ages, races, walks of life, and political beliefs have joined this movement. The mix has grown quickly to include students, families, the elderly, transit and other union members, war veterans, and even unemployed Wall Street executives themselves.  These largely peaceful demonstrations have won the hearts and minds of people everywhere and are very rapidly gaining momentum. Inspired by recent uprisings in Egypt, the Occupy Wall Street movement is now World Wide.

On October 15th, as part of a global day of action, widespread demonstrations were held in North and South America, Asia, Africa and Europe. On that day alone, over 1,500 events took place in 82 countries around the World.

Tehran, Iran

Since the beginning of 2011, there have been massive violent protests taking place in many of the countries in Europe and the Middle East.  While people throughout Europe demonstrate against austerity measures that have been imposed by governments as a result of the debt crisis and recession, Arab uprisings have been forcing dictators to resign from offices they have held for decades.

Mainstream newspapers and television stations have largely censored all of these global events because they’re owned by the very corporations about which this movement is attempting to spread awareness.

Today’s media are in place to do one thing – create and maintain a false reality.  Jesse Richard

The Occupy Wall Street movement has become a cultural phenomenon and a global awakening. Demonstrators are pitching tents in financial districts all around the world. They are uniting together in an effort to shed Light on the fact that the top 1% is writing the rules for an unfair global economy that profits that same 1% at the expense of the 99%.

We, the occupiers, are shedding Light on the fact that the political and financial system, which has been put in place, is endangering the future of the entire planet.  We’re showing our country how to unite together to build a movement for change.  Fear is the polar opposite of what is needed to create the Love-based world we all seek to inhabit.  So the world must wake up to the destructive force of the old paradigm, which involves fear.  And the occupation of Wall Street is just the beginning.

I’m only a child. Yet I know we are all part of a Family… Five Billion strong, in fact, 30 Million species strong. And we all share the same air, water and soil. Borders and governments will never change that. Severn Suzuki, age 12

Washington, DC

The planet Pluto is considered to be one of the ‘collective’ planets because it has the potential to bring about massive permanent alterations in the collective human consciousness.  In 2007, Pluto began to clear away all that must die in order to make way for that which wants to be born.  Although Pluto’s potential for destruction is huge, its potential for creation is equally great.

As the infamous Mayan calendar comes to an end, the World is awakening.  Pluto will turn retrograde again in April of 2012.




2 Responses to “The World Awakens”

  1. 1 Anonymous October 29, 2011 at 8:35 am

    Indeed, the world awakens…and it will encounter much on its way to Truth. I have seen the deception and ‘infiltration’ all around….so true discernment must be applied….and unfortunately, that comes from so many different perspectives. (your “truth” may not be my “truth”)

    I wonder who wrote the speech for the little girl addressing the U.N….a very suspect organization in itself. Do the hooded women (who hold such nicely made signs) in Iran love? …. why are the christian sects being killed now, especially in Egypt where there was supposed to be a new “freedom” installed.

    Yes, Love is the bottom line, for God IS Love….not sloppy agape, as someone once said….this is a Love we are beginning to learn.

    We have only begun this journey….

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