Vortex of the Goddess

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In the US, the states of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah meet and form a cross in the only place that is shared by four separate states.  In 1931, a monument was placed at that location, in a sacred valley.  It’s called the Four Corners Monument.

The Navajo Nation, whose territories stretch across each of these four states, have assumed responsibility for this monument.  In 2010, they completely rebuilt it out of brass and granite.

The Four Corners area is bordered by four sacred mountains.  The Hopi, a tribe of about ten-thousand who also live in this area, say that, within these four mountains, there is a sacred site that will play a very special role for the future of mankind.

To teach their children about their spiritual beliefs, the Hopi use figurines, which they carve from the roots of Cottonwood trees that once grew abundantly in these lands.  They call these carvings katsinas.  In Hopi mythology, there is a prophesy that states that, at the End of Time, a blue star katsina will ‘appear in the Heavens’ and immense changes will take place on the Earth.

Monument Valley, Utah

The Hopi say that a katsina called Saquasohuh will then ‘remove his mask for the children during a dance in the plaza’ and a new world will be born.[i]  The ancient Mayans  have a similar prophesy for the End of Time, which states that ‘we will witness the display of Bolon Yokte Ku in his full costume and regalia’.

Every 26,000 years, energies flow in to our planet from the Galactic Center by way of Sirius, a blue star that is twenty times brighter than the Sun.  The purpose is to stabilize the Earth prior to its receiving the energies from the Central Sun at the end of that particular cycle of Time.  When the Sirian vortex opens, the energies penetrate the Earth near the Four Corners monument.

As a binary system, Sirius is composed of one star, called Sirius A, around which orbits a small, white dwarf star called Sirius B, which emits a powerful Ultra-Violet Light.  Energetically, one star represents our physical body; the other represents our Spirit.  There are many stars and planets that are vortexes through which energy enters our universe.  But the grandest of these is the star Sirius, the vortex of the Goddess.  It’s the birth canal of the Universe.

In 1994, Sirius A and Sirius B came as close to uniting as their orbits will allow.  At that same time, the planet Pluto came into an exact alignment with their union.  This incredible astronomical event has not occurred in over 90,000 years.  And, with this very rare event, this vortex of the Goddess opened wider than it has done since the Atlantean age.[ii]

The Hopi believe that the human race has passed through four different worlds.  The return of this blue star will be the sign of the emergence of the fifth world.  This prophesy of the Hopi states that many doorways to the lower world will then open. These will start as fires that will burn within our torso.  The Path that will lead us through this time will be found in our heart.

Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  Matthew 18:3

For more than a decade we have been in a time of unprecedented changes and shifts.  And the feelings we have been able to hold down in our sub-conscious for so long are no longer going to remain buried and quiet.  Each of us is now being challenged to go through these shifts on a very personal level.

In 2011 and 2012, another major opening of the Sirian vortex will take place.  As it opens, this vortex of the Goddess will form a cross overtop of the Four Corners area.

Each of the four states that meet at that location governs our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ‘bodies’.  So the opening of the Sirian vortex will create an accelerated merging of these four bodies.  It will deliver to these bodies an intense energy of cleansing, purifying, readying and preparing.

As we move into these energies, things are being brought to the surface to reveal deeper truths. The truths are exposing the illusions.  And the truths will reveal the control of those illusions, both in the microcosm of our personal selves and in the macrocosm of the World Stage.  This is a process of negotiating the shakeup of our comfort zones.

All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration. We are the ones who we have been waiting for.
The Hopi Nation of Oraibi, Arizona

We have created our lives through resistance, accumulating blockages in our bodies. The higher energies are now attempting to break through these blockages and burn them away with higher Light.  And, as the vortex opens again, it will deliver to us the energies of higher knowledge.[iii]

On the Four Corners Monument, it is written, ‘Four States here meet in Freedom under God.’  The vortex of the Goddess is helping us to re-evaluate both ourselves and our Freedom of Choice.

Video:  http://www.youtube.com/chetalli


[i] Last Cry: Native American Prophecies & Tales of the End Times, Robert Ghost Wolf, Trafford, 2003
[ii] The Sirius Connection, Lazaris
[iii] Robert Baker in a channeling of ArchAngel Gabriel

26 Responses to “Vortex of the Goddess”

  1. 1 suzanne laird February 4, 2011 at 10:17 am

    Vicky, I haven’t even taken the time to read throught this yet I saw the picture and it created such emotion.I had what i will only say was an event take place here when i was 11 years old.I never left my consciousness and has been something that has come up for me throughout the years.Until I went through my own awakening in 07 the after attending a Flower of Life workshop did I start to be more open to what may have actually happened.I was left alone which wasn’t unusual but I remember losing time, waking up with the awareness that something happened to me and I was pretty hysterical when trying to convey this to my parents once they were found.The thing was I was horribly repressed and was not ever allowed to bring attention to myself with thoughts, feelings, etc. my parents were severely neglectful and it was quite the event that whatever took place overrode the fear I had of asking for help from them.Anyway I first realized the connection to this place after reading Drunvalos book the Serpent of Light and he also spoke of the Four Corners and I remebered that was where my incident.I don’t know what any of this means but since just seeing the picture from this post this morning got me vibrating like mad, I thought maybe I should share it with you.Thank You for all you do.Your book and posting has helped me more than I can put into words.In Love & Light Sister.

  2. 6 Deborah J. Boyd February 4, 2011 at 11:21 am

    It is interesting to me how people create mythology from unrelated events. It is true we can not understand an exception until after it has happened. For if it is different we will not recognize it because it has not precedent. It would appear that the majority of people, no matter the culture, see the exception as a threat. Why is this? We know that when we flip a coin we have even odds. It will be either head or tail as it rarely lands on the edge. That said, we have an even chance that the exception to the norm is good rather than threatening so why does the majority side with the threat.
    I say that this is biological and is one of the principals of survival. It is only through civilization and Spiritual development that we look for goodness instead of evil.
    Love & Peace, Deborah

  3. 7 jandrew99@msn.com February 10, 2011 at 7:19 am

    Aw this piece spark an old memory…

    Hwy. 160—The Navajo Trail

    Little did I know what was in-store for me as I drove along Hwy.160 back in August of 1980. I was thirty years old and on my way to my first teaching job. Perhaps a little old to begin my career as a teacher, but the Viet Nam war had set me back about ten years, at least that’s the excuse I used. But, now I was ready to take on the world. To teach young children in a way my favorite teachers had taught me…with respect and enthusiasm, with patience and humor and most of all with a sense of wonder and aw for the natural world around us. I will never forget what those few teachers did for me, and it is partly because of them, that I was driving on the Navajo Trail that day into the Heart of the Four Corners of the United States.

    Driving south out of Cortez, Colorado, I was mesmerized by the sight of Sleeping Ute Mountain which rose 12,000 feet out of the desert floor. Its long shape running from north to south, shaped by purple and dark blue-green hues accented the contour lines that formed the image of an Indian warrior lying on his back. Local legend tells us that once a great warrior passed this way looking for his kidnaped bride to be. After many days and nights of searching, his heart distraught and his body so tired he laid down to rest and never woke up. It is believed that while his body yet remains as a reminder of his great journey that he was united with his love in the dream world.

    There was something about the mountain that made me recall an unusual dream I had a few days earlier. I believe in dreams. I believe they are an extension of our selves and sometimes can reveal important things to us. In my dream I was performing the eagle dance—-a dance I had never seen in real life. But there I was, dancing under the afternoon sun. I remember feeling so free and alive as I danced under the sea of blue. Clouds shaped like giant schooners danced with me as we sailed across the sky. The wind lifted my eagle feathered arms as they stretched out to simulate flight. My feet danced toe to toe with the earth. Red dust rose out of this union, filling my nostrils with the sweet smell of mother earth.

    After I finished the dance, I saw that three Elders setting together upon three chairs. They had been watching me dance. I walked up to them and nodded my head in respect. They in turn nodded back. The Elder setting on the left spoke first.
    “So you want to come this way do you?”
    “Yes.” I answered.
    “It is good.” The elder seated on the right said.
    “Thank you.” I answered back, with my eyes slightly cast down out of respect.

    The Elder seated in the center spoke. He appeared to be the oldest of the three. The lines on his ancient face reflected his wisdom. His white hair flowed in the warm breeze. His sparkling black obsidian eyes stared through me, my soul was laid bare before his glance. Lifting his right hand, he made a sweep in the four directions, “There are many roads for you to travel in this sacred land.” He said.

    He touched his heart with his right hand and than made an outward sweep to his right… “May you travel in peace and learn from your journeys.”

    With his fingers, he touched his forehead, than made a gesture of a man walking forward. “Remember as you travel, all things are connected. There will be laughter and great joy as you learn your connection to this land, as you become aware that indeed all things are one, under the great Sun, a great peace will come over you.”
    He took his middle and index fingers and pointed them to his eyes and then made a circle around his heart, “You will know sorrow and pain and will be asked to make sacrifices. There will be times when you will walk blindly and will feel lost and alone. These too, will be great lessons. All human beings must walk these paths as they discover who they are, where they come from, and why they have chosen to walk this journey on Mother Earth.”

    With sweeping outstretched arms the elder looked up. He brought his hands toward his solar plexus and than made a gesture of giving by extending his hands outward. “You have much to learn from our people, you have much you can share with them as well.”

    With these last words the three Elders faded from my dream and I awoke with a sense of peace and assurance I had made the right decision to go to the Navajo reservation.

    All my life I have felt the mystical presence of the universe. Not that I understood this presence, but I knew it was there. Many times throughout my life, for whatever reason, a cosmic window would open, allowing me glimpses of this presence, I was sure my recent dream had been such a window.

    I rolled into the community of ‘Teec Nos Pos’, which is just a few miles southwest of the Four Corners, where the states of New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Utah meet. Red Mesa, the community I was going to, was only 17 miles away. The road traveled west and was straight as an arrow. I could see for miles into the heart of Navajo Land. On the western horizon the giant jagged mesas and bluffs of Monument Valley rose from the earth to meet the turquoise sky. The earth was red and spotted with patches of blue green sage and juniper trees. It was another world, far different from the green Colorado mountains where I was from. The land at first sight appeared barren, but as my eyes grew accustom to the environment, I felt a strong sense of ancient beauty all around me. Every now and then, I drove by hexagon shaped houses made from logs and mud. These dwellings blended perfectly into the landscape. I learned they were called Hogans, which meant home or place of shelter and protection. Near each Hogan was a small corral and sometimes a shade house made from long-weathered-gray poles topped with branches from willow or elm trees. Along the dirt roads and immense open spaces of land were flocks of sheep. Each flock was cared for by a shepherd and one or two loyal sheep dogs.
    I stopped beside the road for a few moments to take in the beauty of this desert landscape. Not far from the road an old Indian shepherd was standing in a patch of sage watching over his sheep. The red bluffs behind him were a remarkable contrast with the old man’s dark shirt and red, bandana he worn around his forehead. In his right hand he held a long staff made from a root of a juniper tree. His silver bracelet shimmered in the sun. Dancing rays of light reflected across the landscape as though he were signaling someone from afar. I couldn’t help but admire him, if not down right feel a little envious about his position in life. He appeared so tranquil watching over his herd. Not a care or worry about the outside world. His world was this beautiful land of red earth and incredible mesas and bluffs. He looked so patient, so enduring, as he stood under the hot summer sun. I wondered what memories and ideas passed through his head. I wondered if he could hear the voices of the ancient ones, whom some say are carried on the wind in these parts. I could only imagine what stories he could tell me. Stories about days long gone, his youth, his dreams, his sorrows and other such things that make up our Earthly lives.

    Suddenly, I was startled by a large raven who landed on a fence pole by my truck. He sat there and boldly ‘cawed’ at me. It was like he was telling me to move on to my new home. “OK, I am going!” I said with a laugh. I half heartedly waved at the old Indian thinking perhaps he would mistake me for someone he knew. To my surprise he waved back, revealing perhaps the Shepard’s keen sense of awareness. T
    The raven ‘cawed’ one more time and flew off as I started the engine to my green ‘64’ dodge pickup. It wasn’t long before I came to a small sign beside the road that said, “Welcome to Red Mesa.”
    At first sight Red Mesa wasn’t much. A few school buildings, an old gym and a trading post that doubled for the post office. I pulled off the road again and sat in my pickup. A soft cool wind whistled through the truck window as I starred out at the great expanse of land and the sparse signs of society that I was to call home. With a sigh of relief. I said, “I’m here.”

    Sure, it was another time and another place, but Hwy. 160 or the Navajo Trail as it is still called today; was the very same road I took to school as a boy in Colorado, had ironically led me back to school as a man…

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    How much more time do we have left

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