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In 2006, Dr. Eric C. Leuthardt, Ph.D., an assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery, and Dr. Daniel Moran, Ph.D., an assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, implanted a special electro-corticographic (ECoG) grid into the brain of a 14-year old boy in an effort to help control his epilepsy. The grid, which is used to record brain surface signals, was connected to a computer that was running a special video game program.

From the data that was collected, the researchers were able to adjust the grid to correlate to the brain signals, which produced the movements the boy used to play the video game. After he was then asked not to use his hands to perform those movements, but to simply imagine them occurring on the computer screen, the boy was able to learn to control the game using only his imagination.[i]

Over the past decade, a team of researchers at Princeton University has been conducting experi-ments to measure the effects of human con-sciousness when focused on random events.  Called the Global Conscious-ness Project, this initiative is an international effort involving computers at sixty-five sites around the world, each of which has been programmed to generate numbers at random. The purpose of this experiment is to examine subtle correlations that reflect the activity of the consciousness of all of humanity, as a collective.

The graphs that are generated by these computers usually show completely random numbers. But, when a global event receives the focused attention of a large group of people, the numbers on the graphs suddenly become non-random. Major events that have coincided with this dramatic change include global medita­tions, major earthquakes and even the funeral for Princess Diana.

But the strongest effect of this was demonstrated when people worldwide were focused, in unified consciousness, on the events of the disaster at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. As an increasing number of people around the world heard the news of this disaster, the graph began to produce a fluctuating deviation that continued for almost one-half hour after the fall of the second World Trade Center tower.[ii]

September 11 was in the middle of the graph, and the spike just sits there all by itself, mocking us in our ignorance of what it means. Dr. Dean Radin

Until his recent retirement, Dr. Roger Nelson, Ph.D, the Director of the project, served as the Coordinator of Research at the Engineering Anomalies Research laboratory at Princeton University. He is now participating with a group of materials scientists, physicists, neurologists and biologists, in an initiative called The Intention Experiment, a project that consists of a series of web-based initiatives involving thousands of people around the world in an attempt to scientifically measure the Law of Mind.[iii]

The Global Coherence Initiative is a similar project that has recently been established, the goal of which is to unite people in focused intention, in an effort to shift global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and peace.

This project is a collaborative research initiative between the Institute of HeartMath and Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher, consultant to the NASA Space Shuttle Program, as well as several other engineers and scientists. These people are designing and building multiple sensors around the world, which will directly measure fluctuations in the magnetic fields generated by the Earth. This sensing technology will allow researchers to observe changes in the Earth’s magnetic field in an effort to determine if it is affected by people united in intention.[iv]

The mind is more powerful than any particle accelerator, more sensitive than any radio receiver or the largest optic.
Terence Mckenna

While we are incarnate in a physical body, we are able to experience sensation, something pure consciousness cannot do.  So our souls desire to inhabit bodies in this material plane.  But we are not our bodies.

If you were placed into the body of another person, you would still be you.  So it is what you think of, and what you ask and intend for, which creates your bodily experience.

Energy is neutral.  What gives it direction and what enables it to manifest into substance are the positive and negative charges that are continuously being formed by your thoughts, your intentions and your actions.  And, each time you think, you influence the outcome of the collective human consciousness.  That is what allows possibilities to evolve into probabilities, which in turn, become realities when the momentum becomes unstoppable.  This is a universal law.

God is the collective consciousness of all things.  God experiences his Creation through His creations.  God experiences life through You.

And we can intend to remain oblivious to an entire reality if we consciously choose to do so.  But humanity is at the end of a long cycle of expansion in consciousness and the beginning of a Golden age.  We are all learning, creating and evolving at an ever-increasing rate.  And we are leaving behind the consciousness of this singular galaxy and becoming integrated into the consciousness of the Universe.

 Energy cannot be created or destroyed.  It can only be changed from one form to another.  Albert Einstein



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